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Nutrition is an essential factor of pet wellness.

Nutrition is an essential building block in your pet’s health. Selecting the right food can seem daunting, but just follow these simple steps, and you can be a nutritional advocate for your furry friend!

  1. Read the label – Look for an AAFCO statement to confirm it is a balanced diet, check the ingredients for quality ingredients and no dyes.
  2. Choose a food based on species (Dog or Cat), age, and condition (Spayed/neutered vs intact).  These attributes change the nutritional requirements of each individual.
  3. Follow feeding instructions – Pet owners should remember that feeding directions are guidelines that may need revising based on a particular animal’s activities and condition. If an animal is gaining or losing weight, it is either getting too much or too little food, and its intake should be adjusted accordingly.

Association of American Feed Control Officials:

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Explore the charts below to learn more about the ideal physique for your furry friend.