Radiology and Ultrasound

We offer high quality x-rays for our patients.

These images help our veterinarians provide you with a more definitive diagnosis for your pet.

X-rays help to diagnose and confirm broken bones, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other bone abnormalities. Chest films evaluate the size of the heart, assess for the presence of abnormal fluid in the lungs or chest cavity, and evaluate the lung tissue itself for signs of disease.

Abdominal films evaluate overall organ size and help us detect abnormal structures such as tumors, foreign objects in the GI tract, and urinary tract stones. In most cases, radiographs can be performed on pets without sedation. However, sedation may be necessary for extremely anxious or painful animals, or if certain specific diagnostic-quality films (OFA for hips) are required.

We are able to offer you and your pet digital radiography. This is similar to traditional X-ray technology but allows for much higher resolution and better-quality images. They can also be easily emailed, in the event that you would like a copy of your pet’s images or require a referral to a specialist.

Ultrasound also gives veterinarians an inside look into your pet. We now have new Ultrasound equipment in house, ready to help us help your pets!

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